What Is Probate Litigation?

If you are an executor of a will, a beneficiary, or involved with a will in some way, you should understand how probate litigation works. A probate lawyer is needed when anyone challenges a will. The following are some things you need to know about probate litigation: What Does Probate Litigation Mean? Probate litigation is when someone disputes probate, which is the period of time that the state recognizes the administrator of the estate.

Decoding Common Car Accident Words And Terms

Being involved in a car accident is confusing enough without having to learn a new language. Unfortunately, some victims may find themselves having to do both soon after an accident. Once you get familiar with the truly important legal terminology, it all becomes clear. For help with that, take a look at some simple explanations of what you need to understand after an accident. 1. Liability  One of the first unfamiliar terms you might encounter is this word that means, roughly, fault.

Putting DUI Evidence To The Legal Test

Those arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can impact the way things turn out by fighting back. Not all DUI arrests are legal, and everything that happens after your arrest will hinge on the quality of the evidence the state has against you. As you work with your criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges, evidence will become a key component, so take a look at what the prosecution is counting on to convict you of DUI.

How Back Pay Fills In The Social Security Benefit Gap

After a worker becomes too ill or disabled to work at their job, they may decide to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Unfortunately, the financial help these workers so desperately need may not be as timely as they wish. Read to find out more about back pay — a means of catching ill or disabled workers up on their benefits. Back Pay: It's All About the Timing

Should You Contact a DUI Lawyer When You're Pulled Over?

If you have had a few drinks and you're pulled over on your way home, your first thought may be to lawyer up immediately and for a good reason. While that's an option, here's what you can do. Contact a DUI Lawyer  The earlier you contact your DUI attorney, the better as you can discuss your options before you incriminate yourself or do something stupid. Bring in a DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

How Hidden Brain Injuries May Be Left Out Of An Injury Settlement

There are many injuries that are very easy to diagnose and receive compensation for in court. These often include broken bones, sprains, wounds, and pretty much any injury that you can easily see. However, brain injuries can be quite damaging but may not be caught in time to be included in a personal injury lawsuit. They can't exactly be seen in an x-ray and often require a professional diagnosis once they know to start looking for it.

The SSDI Appeals Process in a Nutshell

Most people already know it's difficult for those who need it to gain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides denied applicants with a way to get approved even after they have been turned down. Workers that are unable to work due to medical problems or mental health conditions may have no choice but to pursue the appeal process to the end. Read below to find out more about the SSA claim appeal process and how workers who need support can benefit from legal help.

Should You Hire A Lawyer When Suffering Minor Injuries In An Accident?

If you suffer severe injuries as the result of a major car accident the need to hire an accident lawyer will likely be quite clear. However, the need for legal representation when dealing with injuries of a less severe nature may not be quite so evident. If you have found yourself questioning whether or not your injuries are severe enough to warrant a call to an accident lawyer, taking a moment to consider the factors discussed below can help you to answer this question.

Family Law Attorney: Your Best Partner During Divorce

Divorce is never easy since it is an emotionally draining process that can affect the quality of life. The situation can get messy regardless of whether both parties decide to end their marriage amicably or through a court process. Things are bound to get even more complicated when there are children involved. Fortunately, seeking help from a family law expert can make the process less stressful. This will go a long way in giving you peace of mind despite being in such a difficult situation.

Has Your Teen Been Charged With Sexting? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

If your teen is facing sexting charges, you need to take the situation seriously. With technology being so readily available for teens, many have started using their phones and other devices to send sexualized content. Unfortunately, sexting is an illegal practice for teens and can get them into legal trouble. If your teen has been charged with sexting, it's important that you take the appropriate action. Here are some steps you should take immediately.

No Heirs? 5 Reasons Estate Planning Is Even More Important

A person who has no direct heirs (like a spouse, partner, or children) may think that estate planning is less important than for those with a family. But in fact, it is more important for those without heirs. Here are a few reasons why you should still take up estate planning. 1. The State Could Decide. If no instructions for their assets when a person passes away, the state in which they live will decide who gets what.

5 Vital Ways to Build a Solid Defense in Your Criminal Case

When you decide to go to trial for your criminal charges, you will need to do two primary things. First, you need a criminal defense attorney. Secondly, you will need to build a solid defense case. Fortunately, you will not have to build the case; your attorney will do it for you. As you work with your lawyer on your case, they will incorporate many things into your defense. Here are five vital things that lawyers use to build solid defenses.

Key Reasons To Retain An Attorney For Your Nursing License Defense

As a registered nurse, you can be accused of medical malpractice. Once you face this accusation, you may find yourself trying to defend your work and counter the blame that the patient has assigned to you. Rather than try to defend yourself on your own, you can hire an attorney to represent you. You may protect both your career and reputation by retaining a lawyer that has experience in nursing license defense cases.

How a Torn Rotator Cuff Injury Can Lead to SSDI Benefits

While some work-related injuries can occur after a serious accident, other injuries develop over time. One example of this type of injury is a torn rotator cuff. This type of injury results from repetitive stress over time. However, because a torn rotator cuff is not listed as a specific impairment by the SSA, you may need help from an experienced Social Security (SSDI) attorney if you wish to receive benefits.