Should You Contact a DUI Lawyer When You're Pulled Over?

If you have had a few drinks and you're pulled over on your way home, your first thought may be to lawyer up immediately and for a good reason. While that's an option, here's what you can do.

Contact a DUI Lawyer 

The earlier you contact your DUI attorney, the better as you can discuss your options before you incriminate yourself or do something stupid. Bring in a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. For example, in some states, you can ask to meet your lawyer immediately. 

With the help of a DUI lawyer, you can question the legality of the stop. DUI is responsible for thousands of deaths every year; thus, officers and prosecutors will take your case seriously. You might want to follow suit by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer to address your legal needs. 

Lower Your Windows 

The police will ask you to lower your windows whether you want to or not. Therefore, lower them before the police arrive to let out the smell of alcohol. By the time the officers arrive to ask for your documents, most of the odor will be gone. 

Be Polite and Don't Say Too Much

Typically, officers will have their cameras on to record the interaction. Everything you say and do will appear on camera and can be used against you. Try to be polite when answering the officer's questions. 

Limit your answers to yes or no. Don't say more than necessary to avoid slurring words or sounding rude. Address the officer with respect as "sir" or "ma'am." If the officer requests that you step out of the vehicle, comply to avoid other charges such as resisting arrest. 

Decline Requests to Undertake a Field Sobriety Test 

Don't incriminate yourself by admitting you were drinking, and if the officer asks for field sobriety tests, you can decline. These tests are voluntary, and they're not the most reliable way to determine if you're intoxicated. 

The officer may suspend your license for this, but it's better than a direct ticket to jail. It's better to take your chances with the scientific tests administered at the police station than field tests and police testimony. 

If you were polite, as mentioned earlier and the officers have no grounds to arrest you, they may decide to let you go. However, refusal to take the test might anger the officers, and they could arrest you. Fortunately, they have little to no evidence against you; ask for a DUI attorney, and they will explain your options as well as possible outcomes.