Should You Hire A Lawyer When Suffering Minor Injuries In An Accident?

If you suffer severe injuries as the result of a major car accident the need to hire an accident lawyer will likely be quite clear. However, the need for legal representation when dealing with injuries of a less severe nature may not be quite so evident. If you have found yourself questioning whether or not your injuries are severe enough to warrant a call to an accident lawyer, taking a moment to consider the factors discussed below can help you to answer this question.

Are your injuries expected to have a lasting impact on your life?

An injury does not necessarily need to be severe in order to have a significant impact on your life. For instance, if you require the use of your hands in order to perform your job, a broken hand can keep you out of work for several weeks or even months. This loss of income can have a significant impact on your life even though most people would classify your injury as being minor in nature. It is in cases such as this one that the legal services of a car accident lawyer can often prove most useful since insurance companies often attempt to undervalue this type of injury in order to avoid paying you fair compensation. Contacting an attorney to represent you in your claim against the insurance company can go a long way towards ensuring you get all of the money you are entitled to. 

Is there any question regarding the origin of your injuries?

In order to successfully collect damages for injuries that you suffered as the result of an accident, you will first need to demonstrate that these injuries were in fact the direct result of the accident and were not suffered at some point before or after the accident occurred. If you did not go to the hospital directly from the accident scene, the insurance company may choose to use this as a reason to challenge the validity of your claim and deny liability for your injuries. If this happens, an accident lawyer may be able to help you gather the necessary evidence to effectively fight back against the insurance company no matter how severe or minor your injuries may be.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you suffer any type of injury as the result of an accident with a negligent driver, you are entitled to compensation for these injuries and for the impact that these injuries have on your life. Hiring an accident lawyer, such as one from Siben & Siben LLP, to represent you can help to ensure you receive this compensation. Therefore it is always in your best interest to at least consult a lawyer before deciding to try and settle your claim on your own.