How Hidden Brain Injuries May Be Left Out Of An Injury Settlement

There are many injuries that are very easy to diagnose and receive compensation for in court. These often include broken bones, sprains, wounds, and pretty much any injury that you can easily see. However, brain injuries can be quite damaging but may not be caught in time to be included in a personal injury lawsuit. They can't exactly be seen in an x-ray and often require a professional diagnosis once they know to start looking for it. Here is how brain injuries are often left out of injury settlements.

Injured People Don't Know The Signs To Look For

A common issue with brain injuries is that the injured person doesn't know that they have one until it is too late. They are too focused on physical injuries that are easy to see and they are struggling with and simply don't realize they also have a brain injury. That is why it is important to know the problems to look out for and start asking your doctor questions if you notice them.

For example, people with brain injuries may have memory problems, where they cannot make new memories or have issues recalling old memories. Sequencing problems can happen, where they can't remember a grocery list unless it is written down. Naming issues can happen, where they confuse names or forget what certain things are called. Light and sound sensitivity can also be an issue, where the injured person feels overly sensitive to certain things in their environment.

Injured People Don't Know How Much To Ask For

The next problem that people run into with a hidden brain injury is that they do not know how much compensation to ask for when settling an injury. That is because injury cases can settle far before you've completely recovered from an injury. If you are negotiating the settlement yourself, you have no idea what your future injury bills will be for a brain injury and how much money to settle for.

Working with a personal injury lawyer with experience in brain injuries will help ensure that you settle for the right amount. They have experience in these types of cases, can look at previous settlements for similar injuries, and fight the insurance company so that you get the amount that you deserve. A brain injury is definitely a situation where you do not want to settle for less because the injury can potentially last your entire life.