Has Your Teen Been Charged With Sexting? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

If your teen is facing sexting charges, you need to take the situation seriously. With technology being so readily available for teens, many have started using their phones and other devices to send sexualized content. Unfortunately, sexting is an illegal practice for teens and can get them into legal trouble. If your teen has been charged with sexting, it's important that you take the appropriate action. Here are some steps you should take immediately. 

Hire an Attorney

Now that your teen has been charged with sexting, the first thing you need to do is hire a juvenile criminal attorney. Your teen is facing some serious charges. A conviction will have lasting consequences on your teen's life, which is why you need to hire an attorney. You might think that juvenile offenses don't require legal representation, but that's not the case. This is especially true where sexting is concerned. Most teens wrongly assume that sexting is a harmless practice. Unfortunately, that's not true. Sexting is illegal in many states. In fact, sexting between teens is considered child pornography in 23 states and could come with a 20-year prison sentence. Not only that, but a sexting conviction could require your teen to register as a national sex offender. That's why it's so important that your teen have legal representation for their sexting charges. 

Understand the Charges

If your teen has been arrested for sexting, it's important that you understand the charges. You might think your teen shouldn't face sexting charges, especially if they were sexting with another minor. Unfortunately, that's not actually the case. Sexting charges apply, even if both parties are minors. It's also important that you understand what types of messages are included in sexting. Sexting involves explicit pictures, messages, or videos. 

Seek Counseling

Now that your teen is facing sexting charges, it's crucial that you seek counseling for them as soon as possible. Counseling can help your teen come to terms with the legal charges that they're facing. If sexting stems from a pornography addiction, counseling can help with that as well. Not only that, but if your teen is convicted, counseling may help to reduce their sentence. 

Monitor Technology

Finally, if your teen has been charged with sexting and they're awaiting trial, be sure to monitor their technology. The last thing you want is to have your teen continue sexting while they're awaiting trial. One way to avoid additional charges is to curtail your teen's access to their electronic devices. 

To lean more, contact a juvenile criminal lawyer.