Key Reasons To Retain An Attorney For Your Nursing License Defense

As a registered nurse, you can be accused of medical malpractice. Once you face this accusation, you may find yourself trying to defend your work and counter the blame that the patient has assigned to you.

Rather than try to defend yourself on your own, you can hire an attorney to represent you. You may protect both your career and reputation by retaining a lawyer that has experience in nursing license defense cases.

Countering the Patient's Claims

You can understand how sick and injured patients can confuse the facts of their medical treatment. Still, you also appreciate that their physical conditions do not warrant them accusing you of something that you did not do.

As much as you can empathize with the patient, you still want to do everything in your power to defend yourself. When you hire a lawyer that handles nursing license defense situations, you can effectively counter the patient's claims and prove to the medical board or a court that you are innocent of the accusations.

The lawyer handling your case can gather evidence that shows that you acted ethically and professionally. This evidence can clear your name in court and prevent you or your medical malpractice insurer from paying out expensive monetary damages. 

Countersuing the Patient

If your nursing license defense lawyer suspects that the patient purposely and maliciously accused you of malpractice, he or she may advise you to file a countersuit against this patient. A countersuit can hold this person accountable for trying to inflict personal and monetary damages on you. It also may be the only way to get this person to admit that he or she purposely accused you of malpractice for his or her monetary gain.

The countersuit can likewise help you recover financial damages that you sustained by having to take time off from work. Your employer may have suspended you pending the investigation. It also may have not paid you for the time that you had to take off work to defend yourself. You can get that money paid back by suing the patient that levied the accusations against you and prevented you from earning your regular paychecks.

An attorney who practices in nursing license defense law can provide you with critical services. He or she can defend you in a malpractice lawsuit that a patient files against you. Your lawyer can also help you regain monetary damages from these accusations.

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