What Legal Options Are Available When My Property Is Being Condemned?

You have worked very hard to earn your property. Because of all the hard work you have put into your property, you might feel like you will have full control over what is done with your property. However, the United States government also has the right to condemn your property and they can also grant this power to another party that is referred to as a "condemning authority." Fortunately, there are steps you can take to fight for your rights.

Why Your Property Might Be Seized by a Private Party

When your property is being taken by a condemning authority, one of the most common reasons why your property is taken is that the individual taking your property believes that they can put your property to better use. This might seem unfair, but your property can be taken simply because another party can generate more profit from it.

Your Property Rights

Regardless of whether your property is condemned by a government agency or a condemning authority, you have the right to receive fair market value for your property. However, this often doesn't happen and the condemning authority tries to pay you as little as they can get away with. You will need to act now to protect your property or to get what your property is worth.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you are concerned about your property being condemned, make sure to get in contact with a private property condemnation lawyer. The condemnation lawyer will help you determine whether you are receiving a fair market value for your property and will also explain whether or not you can stop your property from being taken.

Building Your Case

To be able to take your property, your government must prove that the property is being taken for the public good. For example, if the United States government will be using your property to construct a public road, they might use this as a justification to take your property. Therefore, you will need to make a solid case for why the seizing of your property is not for the public good.

The Hearing

You will be allowed to attend a hearing and you will need to present your evidence during the hearing. Then, the judge will issue a ruling. Your private property condemnation lawyer will help you prepare for the hearing, will help you gather evidence for your hearing, and will also represent you during the hearing. Even if you are not able to stop your property from being taken, you might be able to be paid more for it.

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