Who To Call When Someone Steals Your Identity

If you suddenly receive multiple phone calls and letters in the mail requesting payment for things you didn't purchase or obtain, call an identity theft attorney immediately. You may be a victim of identity theft. Identity theft can wreak havoc on you financially, criminally, and personally. Learn what you can do and who you can call if someone steals your identity below.  

What's Identity Theft?

Identity theft occurs when an individual or a group of individuals pretend to be you without your permission. The individuals use the information they steal from you to purchase or obtain properties, credit cards, and even vehicles. The individuals may also use your stolen information to attend school or secure employment. 

Identity thieves use a number of things to steal information about you, including your banking accounts, credit reports, and school records. The perpetrators generally use password finders, or hacking software, to decipher or unscramble the passwords and usernames you use to sign into your online accounts. You may not know that hackers compromised your login information until websites ask you to update or change your information. 

The individuals may also use computer viruses to tap into your personal and financial information. The viruses can take information from you through your email address or through your computer system directly. You may inadvertently download the viruses when you update your computer system or when you download something from the Internet. 

If you believe an individual or individuals stole your identity, consult an identity theft attorney now. 

How Can an Identity Theft Attorney Help You?

An identity theft attorney helps victims of online and offline identity theft regain their lives. An attorney will do many things to assist you, including:

  • lock or freeze your credit reports so that no one can use them to obtain credit
  • fight any unexpected and unlawful criminal charges that may arise against you
  • contact your creditors and other institutions to safeguard or lock your accounts
  • call law enforcement and file an identity theft report

An attorney may also ask you to run antivirus programs on your computer, cellular phone, and other electronics. The program can help locate, isolate, and remove any hacking programs or viruses on your devices that may steal information from them in the future. You also want to change and encrypt the passwords and usernames to all of your accounts, including the accounts an attorney locks for you. 

A lawyer will continue to work on your behalf until they clear your name.

Learn more by consulting an identity theft lawyer today.