Coal Mining Accidents

It is no surprise that mining is one of the most dangerous professions in the United States. Hardworking people risk their lives every day to provide a needed energy source. Despite advancing safety precautions and evolving technologies in the industry, mining remains an incredibly dangerous job. Too often, miners get hurt or die in the line of duty. Here are three common dangers of working in the mining industry:

Workplace Injury 

Workplace injuries happen frequently in a mining environment. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that bituminous coal underground miners have a 66% higher likelihood of sustaining a nonfatal injury than any other private sector employee. Machine injuries, falls, mine collapses, and explosions cause soft tissue injuries, concussions, nerve damage, and broken bones for miners. These types of injuries can put a miner out of work for a short period of time or can cause permanent damage. 


Sadly, many coal miners are killed each year in mining accidents. Coal dust can cause sudden explosions, mines can collapse without warning, and the heavy machinery used in the industry can have catastrophic complications. Whether a miner works underground or on the surface, the dangers of mining are always near. Miners know the danger associated with the job, but many continue the work in order to provide for their families, making it that much more difficult when they are killed on the job. 

Long Term Health Effects

Even if you are lucky enough to walk out of the mine unscathed, the constant exposure to coal pollutants can cause health issues that remain hidden for years after leaving the profession. The Union of Concerned Scientists lists asthma, heart problems, brain damage, and cancer as some of the potential side effects associated with exposure to coal. 

What To Do After An Injury

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury from a minor incident, a mining-related disease that emerged recently, or even a fatality, you are likely owed compensation. A coal miner injury attorney can help ensure that you receive all the benefits you deserve from a workman's compensation claim or help you reach a settlement for the long-term disability of death that was sustained due to work in the mining industry. A coal miner injury attorney will be your advocate and help you navigate this difficult time to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact a coal miner attorney for more information.