How A Criminal Conviction Can Affect Your Future Employment

When you have committed a crime, you will not only have to worry about whether you may spend time in jail or may find yourself paying expensive fines but your time spent in jail may also prevent you from finding employment. Even if you are able to find a job, you will be the most likely individual to be laid off. For this reason, it's important to choose a criminal defense lawyer who can help you have your charges dropped.

Understand Your Rights

You have rights and protections under the law. The police are not allowed to search your vehicle for example. They cannot perform searches that may be a violation of your 4th Amendment rights. With some jobs, your employer is not allowed to exclude you based on your criminal record because this may be considered a form of discrimination. However, for some public positions and select private positions, employers are not allowed to hire those who have committed a crime. For example, a position that works with children, the elderly, or the disabled will require a background check.

Plea Deals

A common reason for why criminals end up with criminal records is because they accept plea deals. Court cases can often drag on for months and can be very expensive. Also, even if you believe that you are innocent, you may be concerned that the courts might still find you guilty of a crime you haven't committed.

You may be able to leave jail by posting bail. However, some courts will not allow you to post bail or they may set the bail amount higher than you can afford. Meanwhile, a plea bargain may not involve any jail time at all or you may be able to receive time served. 

When receiving a plea bargain, you may be able to have a felony reduced to a misdemeanor. However, you will still have a misdemeanor on your record and this can still affect your ability to secure employment.

Expunging a Crime From Your Records

If your criminal record is affecting your ability to find a job, you may be able to have your criminal records expunged. The rules for having your criminal record expunged can vary from state-to-state so you will always want to consult with an attorney. The process of expungement can be very involved and complicated.There is also never a guarantee that you will have your record expunged.