Reasons To Consider Civil Litigation

When people think of what goes on in a courtroom, they likely picture a prosecutor trying to put the defendant behind bars. While this is exactly what happens in most criminal cases, there's another type of courtroom battle that also happens frequently and that's civil litigation. Civil litigation will (usually) not result in anyone getting hit with criminal charges, but it can force someone to either pay up or make someone who has been wronged feel whole again. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider civil litigation.

Someone Broke a Contract with You

Has someone signed on the dotted line, made certain financial promises or perhaps a promise to provide a service, and then jilted you? If someone has refused to honor the terms of a contract, you may be able to sue them in order to get them to pay up or honor the terms as originally agreed. A judge will hear out both sides of the argument and then make a ruling that is fair to both parties based on the evidence provided. Sometimes just filing a civil lawsuit for breach of contract (or threatening to) might be enough to bring the other side back to the table. It might be better for the person you are going to sue to just pay you off instead of having to hire and pay for a lawyer to defend themselves.

Property Disputes

Maybe your neighbor built a fence or put up a tree that you feel is encroaching on your property, or the commercial business next door is not respecting your property lines. Perhaps someone took possession of property that is quite valuable and you believe belongs to you but is refusing to give it back. You could potentially sue the other party in this scenario both for financial damages and to try and get a court to settle the property dispute once and for all. Something simple like your neighbor's fence might not seem worth filing a lawsuit over, but if the situation is escalating or becoming hostile, it might be best to let the courts handle it so you both have an answer once and for all.

To Prove Negligence

Were you injured while on the property of some kind of business? If someone's actions are directly responsible for you getting hurt and you can prove those actions were negligent, you might be entitled to financial compensation.

A civil litigation lawyer can review your case and give you a greater chance of winning. Contact a local attorney at a firm like Hart Law Offices, PC today to get started.